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Thread: Rumor: Full PS3 Backwards Compatibility Only Weeks Away?

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    zeromx Guest
    I've been waiting to play MGS Snake Eater for a while now. Great news by the way!

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    vinizuh Guest
    great news! i have EE 60gb model but i hope it works out for the newer models. i love playing classics and I'm sure everyone would love the chance to play too.

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    dagnillo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ernvil View Post
    I hope this is true!
    Since I've got an 80gb PS3, hopefully I can finally play all those PS2 games that I've missed out on.
    Considering that I didn't get to own a PS2 xD
    Ditto here, I'm in the same boat. Never owned a PS2, but now that I have a PS3 there's some games I'd love to try, like Shadow of the Colossus and MGS 2 and 3. I truly hope this happens soon, and that it works well.

    IMO all consoles should have full backwards compatibility, it just adds so much more. I mean who wants to have 5 consoles connected to their TV when they can have one that plays all generations. Some day we will have another non-optical media, though, and today's standard discs won't be able to load, so I'd imagine it will eventually go completely digital (download) only.

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    Tcraw Guest
    I echo what everyone else has said, I hope this really does come out soon. I have not been able to play ps1 and 2 games for some time, since 80GB model doesn't have support for them

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    Daralion Guest

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    Man that would be great. Of course I do still have my old PS2 hooked up, but I would love to pack it away and give it to my daughter later as a starter system for her.

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    MikeMolotov Guest
    this would be awesome! now i don't have to buy back the ps2 i sold to my friend a couple weeks back.

    i miss playing MGS2 & 3

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    gygabyte666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tcraw View Post
    I have not been able to play ps1 and 2 games for some time, since 80GB model doesn't have support for them
    Uh... You can play PSone games on all models so yeah, it's just PS2 games that can't be played on newer models... yet

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    tinjastin Guest

    Cool hmmm

    well i think its quite unbelieving to be that true, but yeah if that rumors is possible, then all of us would be that happy!, anyways ps2 slim right now is quite cheap so why try to emulate?, instead go and get a ps2 slim, in that way you would have lesser problem playing those ps2 games ...

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    vegeta999 Guest


    Haha ive got a 40GB PAL PS3 without any PS2 B/C whatsoever and i cant wait till this is released, tho they're only having a problem with the GS ( graphics synthesiser) - what i dont get is, why cant the Nvidia RSX emulate the PS2s GS if the Cell can emulate the E.E chip ?

    And im sure the PS2 backups would be loadable using the Disc swap trick, switch mods, or which ever other mods thts involve loading PS2 backups on PS3s.

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    snowisawesome00 Guest


    It would be awesome if it was 100% b/c. cuz i heard the 80gb with the EE emulator's b/c was not so great...
    i guess it's better than nothing.

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