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    Rumor: French Web site Reports a PS3 Price Cut and New Model

    Popular French Web site JeuxVideo (linked above) is reporting that they have received confirmation of a PS3 price cut to 299 Euros in early September.

    Additionally, they have reaffirmed the rumor from two days ago in stating that a new, cheaper PS3 model (likely the long-awaited PS3 Slim) will be announced at Sony's Gamescom press conference held in Cologne on August 18, 2009.

    To quote, roughly translated: For many months that the most fanciful rumors circulating on the net about a price drop of the PlayStation 3.

    But this time it seems to be confirmed as contacted by us, some wholesalers say that the price of the console Sony will soon drop. And even better, since we can announce that a new version of the console that goes out!

    The official announcement of the new cheaper version of the PS3 would be made at the press conference that the Japanese giant held in Cologne at the gamescom Tuesday 18 August at 18h French time, we will cover the show and of course We also reaffirm the device that we had deployed in Los Angeles last June at E3 so you can follow the best conditions in the largest European event on video games through previews photos, video.

    Some noise corridors seem to converge towards the release of a new version of the console to 299 euros in early September.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sarusakeos Guest
    So what would the price be in the USA. Like 300 bucks..

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    chrrox Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sarusakeos View Post
    So what would the price be in the USA. Like 300 bucks..
    299.00 EUR = 422.727 USD

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    CJPC Guest
    I can't see Sony charging $400 for a box like that - more likely it will be 299 across all regions, cheaper for those in the US, more expensive for those in europe (like always) - will be much cheaper for EU'ers to import from the US.

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