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    Starlight Guest

    Rumor: First God of War 3 PlayStation 3 DLC Revealed?

    During a recent interview with GameTrailers (Part II is HERE), God of War 3 PS3 Senior Producer Steve Caterson may have hinted about the first DLC for PlayStation 3 when asked about cuts made from the video game.

    Although it has already been rumored that God of War 3 will include challenge rooms as part of downloadable content, here is what he said when asked what was the hardest cut made from the game during its development:

    The senior producer of the game has revealed that they had to cut a 'whole kind of epilogue' from the game, and hinted that we 'may see it later' which sounds very obvious that this epilogue could reappear as a DLC add-on for the game.

    However, the exact reason behind the cut is still unknown so only time will tell if it will resurface in DLC format or not for sure.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    inginear Guest
    they make it sound like there were supposed to be multiple endings by saying that they cut a whole kind of epilogue. maybe there are two or more different ways to kill/defeat the bosses, and the ending you get is based on which method you use the most. or maybe, there is an ending where kratos is freed from his suffering and another where he becomes a god. no matter what, gow3 is definitely going on my shelf when it is released.

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    foresttree1 Guest
    That was fast. Even before the game is released the dlc in already planned to be released. just gets better every day!

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    Demon0053 Guest


    why do they have to to cut a part of GOD OF WAR 3 its just gana make it less awsome... NOO... they must have i good reason... well i hope they do!

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    F4b10 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Demon0053 View Post
    they must have i good reason... well i hope they do!
    simply to make you buy it and gain twice...

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