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Thread: Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII to be a paid demo, not via PSN?

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    Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII to be a paid demo, not via PSN?

    New reports suggest that the Final Fantasy XIII demo may be sold SEPARATELY. However in Japan, the demo is still scheduled to be bundled with the Advant Children Blu-ray release, it's just the rest of the world that might get charged to play the demo!

    To quote: Thanks to our ever helpful forum member epsilon, we have yet more of Dengeki's interview with Nomura to show you. Square-Enix announced at DKS3173 that the Final Fantasy XIII demo will be packaged with the Advent Children: Complete blu-ray release in March next year. Unfortunately for everyone outside of Japan, the demo will probably arrive much later than that.

    Nomura has told Dengeki though that the Final Fantasy XIII demo may be sold separately some time after Advent Children: Complete's release. Square-Enix know they can make a huge amount of revenue by including the Final Fantasy XIII demo with AC:C but is selling the demo separately possibly taking it too far?

    The demo is supposed to be 90 minutes long, so the file size could make it unfeasible to host on the Playstation Network but if they sell it for an extortionate price, would people still buy it? I can pretty much answer my own question and say yes but that doesn't make it right.

    Other than this, a few more details about the compilation were discussed which I've listed below:

    - All of the Final Fantasy XIII titles are based around extremely fast combat.

    - Final Fantasy Agito XIII will have both command input and action elements in it's gameplay.

    - Each character will have their own individual summon.

    - Agito is currently running on PSP hardware but won't be released until after Final Fantasy XIII and Versus because of the lengthy story and large amount of characters. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    TheSaint7 Guest
    I bet they will bill us for the FFXIII theme too

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    animeboy123 Guest
    yeah, probobly, but I do hope we manage to get the demo in some sort of package, it probobly cant be used on psn as a demo or something, because I havn't heard of one single demo thats 90 minutes long, until now.

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    alienware1 Guest
    Ouch.. FFVXIII demo for 90 min, but have 120 minutes movie...

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    Seraphim863 Guest
    I don't understand the purpose of a paid demo, unless it's $5. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but this acts as some what of a repellent to gamers refusing to purchase the same thing twice.

    Maybe they feel that early access to some content is worth big bucks? Or maybe they just need to recoup their heavy losses after the FFVII: Advent movie

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