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    Rumor: Electronic Arts cancels Red Alert 3 for PS3?

    According to a Gamestop source, the PS3 version of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 has been removed from EA's upcoming release list.

    This has led to rumors that the game has been cancelled or delayed.

    A recent Press release announcing that Gina Carano will be starring as Natasha in Red Alert 3 only said the game would be coming to PC and Xbox 360 this holiday season.

    Rumor: Electronic Arts cancels Red Alert 3 for PS3?

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    Well...strategy games did seem to have the short end of the stick when it came to console systems. Xbox 360 I can understand, as it must be a short jump from PC to Xbox. But it would seem a lot of trouble to make it specifically for PS3, especially when there have already been a good few flops for this genre of game for console systems.

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    no red alert 3.. that's a shame if its true, because its about time the ps3 got a command and conquer game.

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    I don't think RTS games belong on consoles, they are overall better and ezier to play on the PC. Mods and faster controls.

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