According to shakedown1987 via GameTrailers (linked above), Sony has began training on their recently patented "PlayStation Cloud".

Apparently, PlayStation Cloud is similar to the social-media site Facebook. This application will update, in real-time, and show all your friends your latest trophy accomplishments, avatar changes, etc.

Furthermore, it seems Sony is looking to make some features of the service public, and is actively looking for current customer service employees to moderate the public arenas.

To quote: Someone from SCEA consumer services told me something interesting. I recently called Sony's consumer services to complain to them about the lack of features, hoping they would forward it to the right people.

The guy I talked to was like he had no idea if they are getting those features however he said that he has an orientation sometime next week for a new service with new features called PlayStation Cloud, he said that all he knows about it is what his manager had told him and that there will be something similar to FaceBook where you'll have a News Feed thing that will say all the things you've done or friends have done on PlayStation Network like your friend just played this and unlocked this trophy, changed his avatar or reached this level.

He also said that there might be a lot of more public features because his manager told him that SCEA Corporate told his manager that they are looking for people within consumer services to become moderators for some of the features that will be in PlayStation Cloud. He said his manager doesn't know much about it, just that Sony wants to make PlayStation Network become more social and connected.

I really don't know if he was telling the truth or not but the conversation was real and it was SCEA Consumer Services. It seems very believable and Sony did patent "PS Cloud" few months back.

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