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    Rockstar: 360's Tech. 'Limitations' Affecting GTA IV

    As more companies find themselves working on high-profile releases designed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously, a tricky issue would be deciding where to draw the line technologically, as PS3 offers the guarantee of every player owning a hard drive and Blu-ray -- Xbox 360 can claim neither. This challenge appears to have cropped up as Rockstar Games has been developing Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK (as passed on by their parent website, C&VG), Rockstar Creative VP Dan Houser said the aforementioned technological limitations are definitely a hurdle while crafting the latest GTA. "To be honest with you we haven't solved all those riddles yet," he remarked, but didn't exclude PS3 from the conversation, as "both have enormous challenges ... [and] their own particular pleasures and pains."

    Everything we've seen from GTA IV so far has been running off Xbox 360, however, so don't fret yet -- Rockstar appears to have it under control.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    but will games designers that are making multi format games stop designing when they hit the 360 limitations for both consoles?

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    Wouldn't it make more sense to port a game from the PS3 to the Xbox 360? That is, start making the game on the PS3 and then switch to the 360 instead of doing the opposite, which is what everyone is doing (except Capcom and a few others who started development for games like Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3). It would be much easier to take the code from a console that uses 6 SPE's, to one that uses 3 instead of going from 3 to 6. The PS3 has significantly more processing power than the Xbox 360... so why would you want to not harness that power fully and short change all those PS3 owners?

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    i say screw 360, let us (playstation loyals) keep our first dibs on rockstar games like all the other GTAs...booo multi-platforms!

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    I am waiting for a PS3 exclusive not because of politics, but because the 360 hardware just couldn't handle it. Something to show us what the PS3 really can do. Sure it may not happen for another 2 years, but until then I'll be waiting.

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    The PS3 may have more power but it is very difficult to develop for. This coming from alot of game developers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fattysc View Post
    The PS3 may have more power but it is very difficult to develop for. This coming from alot of game developers.
    so a challenge should stop them from busting their asses to get the game RIGHT for the PS3? i don't seem to follow, it may be a pain to work with, but lets look at the facts - its got more processing power, bigger hard drive, more available space on disc for gaming, and... what should stop them from making GTA IV the longest playable single game ever?

    the complaints were mostly about the 360, and if i were a betting man (and i am), i'll bet that the majority of the complaints will be from the Microsoft dev side of Rockstar's headquarters - only real complaints that will emulate from the Sony dev side will be if they cut the game short on account of the 360's limitations as others have said....

    anyone know which system the last two GTA's came out on first??? anyone know which system i owned previously and had to wait to get a copy of because it took forever for them to get around to making it for that system? yup, that would be the regular XBOX for both Vice City and San Andreas (SA came out much quicker for XBOX in comparison than Vice City did)

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    The system is only as efficient as the programmers of the firmware and game developers make it.

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    So far everything multiplatform I've seen on the 360 side by side (same LCD screens) with the PS3 has looked better and loaded quicker on the 360, especially UBISOFT games like Splinter Cell.

    I think most PS3 owners believe this will change in the future and are hoping that GTA is the first to lead the way.

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    I really hope they don't limit the PS3 release just because of the XBox360s limitations.

    I believe Rockstar should have one main team designing the idea/layout/locations/characters/story etc. and TWO separate development teams, one for each console.

    This means that both teams are working independently from each other with the same basis and same goal but are not dependent of 'x' detail level and 'y' total space available for final product.

    XBox fanboys can scream all they want, but Rockstar has some great programmers in their midst and with each team DEDICATED to either XBox360 or PS3 means they have a better understanding of their teams console and how to exploit its advantages. Just look at their improvements between GTA3 and GTA:SA. Lots of loading, verses none at all...

    Either way, GTA:IV is going to absolutely FANTASTIC I can't wait!
    Just my two cents.

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