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    $$$ never gonna happen. and i fully think that games designers will make changes to get the most out of the processor, but i was leaning towards problems like, we can only have levels of a certain size becasue of a lack of harrdrive. so limit the levels to that sort of thing on both consoles. otherwise it would be a different game.

    plus, all this stuff about the ps3 being hard to program for, well boo-hoo. the ps2 was no walk in the park, but they dealt with it and produced far superior games later on in the lifecycle.

    just lookat a game released in the first 6 months of the ps2 to a one created towards the end, the differences are striking. with a brand new processor, it takes time to build up a good set of libraries for set tasks, but once they are there, you can spend more time being creative.

    and the same goes for the x360. anyone who things gears of war could have been a release title, is kidding themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarciaM25 View Post
    what should stop them from making GTA IV the longest playable single game ever?
    that would be nice to see the new GTA to be the longest single player game to date. as for GTA 3 and GTA:SA they were out on the PS2 before the Xbox

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    ^^^ True... better dev kits, middleware, and experience will ease the programming difficulties later on. It's always been that way.

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    i love it how as soon as someone says something FOR a system they're automatically a "fan boy" as a few of us were being referred to as.... maybe try reading my post again - i've loved my regular XBOX until i found the specs for the PS3 before it was released, so sue me for switching sides to the one with the better specs.... lets not be IGNORANT here folks, facts are facts and if you can't get them straight, don't jump on someone's case, cool? i'm the most ANTI-fanboy there is, i just read the specs and go from there, hate if you want to, probably just means you're jealous!

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    don't forget that the 360 is directx based... so EVERYONE knows how to program on that thing... that's why we see great graphics on it. but the reverse of the medal is that no or little improvement can be made.

    on the other side ps3 is difficult to develop for... but the same happened on ps1 and ps2... and guess what ps1 gave us metal gear solid and c12 final resistance (just to name two titles...) and ps2 now has gowII that has a really great graphics (ok I'm only talking about graphics here... I don't even talk about other things because on ps3 you can almost do anything with all that processing power...)

    so we only have to wait... in a year the BIG gap between the 2 consoles will come out... and we'll see what true next-gen is... ^^

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