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Thread: Review: Prototype for the PlayStation 3 Console

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    Starlight Guest

    Review: Prototype for the PlayStation 3 Console

    The world can definitely be a scary place, but especially for someone who just awoke inside a morgue with no memories. What if this scenario happened to you?

    For Alex Mercer, it has become apparent that he was different and people wanted him dead... now he just needs to find out why in Prototype for PS3.

    To quote: I guess you could say this would be a messed up way to get a second chance in life. The story starts off with you fully loaded with all of your abilities taking on an infected New York City, having to deal with military personnel and monsters, plus a few infected humans wandering around.


    Once that is done you zip backwards to where it all began: your corpse in a Gentek lab facility and a squad of military officials feeding you a nice helping of M-16 rounds that surprisingly does not slow you down.

    Now the story gets interesting. After you make a frog leap over a 20 foot tall building and then catch a taxi cab with your hands tossing it at the military choppers that have spotted you. If you don't get the idea by now then this is the part where you learn you're a superhuman weapon and a pretty darned strong one.

    Once you learn your abilities, your first objective is to escape the copters and consume a soldier... yes that is correct you will consume and become that person you consumed, taking in their memories. Later on you will be able to upgrade that ability with stealth consume, however lets get back to the fun stuff and that is free running.

    This is a sandbox game in Manhattan, New York, but I bet you are thinking, "What makes this different from other sandbox titles that are base in New York?" Well not only is it filled with action it is also a horror-based game where both infected humans and the military are on your case. You have double the enemies and carnage to deal with.

    The game is also somewhat open-ended, meaning you can play it the way that suits you best. You can either be really stealthy about how you work around the game, or you can go all berserk stomping your way through the city while forcefully finding out what you need to know.

    Either way you will see a lot of gore from both military and monsters, since New York is in a state of lock down and the military have orders to shoot on sight be cop or civilian.

    Your character can improve his abilities, and there are many that you will unlock. First one is your sprint running which allows you to run up walls, over cars. This will get you out of tight situations really quick and it comes with some nice upgrades to run faster or grab while running then tossing whatever you grabbed during your sprint. Combat wise you have your basic punch and then your special attacks which can be put together to make a nice combo.

    While free running up walls and over buildings you will soon earn points to get the glide feature that you will you sore to areas faster for a short period of time. How do you earn points? Basically defeat enemies and collectibles during missions and events. You also have a shield, claws, blades, hammer fist, ground slams and many other features that you will unlock for Alex during your trial to find the truth.

    Not only will you have your own weapons, but you can pick up guns and drive military vehicles. There is even a helicopter available once you consume the right person with the knowledge required to fly it."

    You will uncover more and more of the story as you progress in the game. Certain key people will have memories or information that you will need and you will have missions to consume these people so you can link your memories together. It is a great feature to have which brings out the stealth element to the game.

    However you will be watched at all times so be careful what you do while in your disguise or you will be found out and hunted down. You have a meter with a shutter that will open yellow stating you are being watched and as the meter grows higher and hits red that means they know who you are and you will have to vanish until the heat is down but consume another person and you should be saved.

    If there is a weak point to this game, it is that the controls will need getting used to, especially when running up the buildings. Sometimes you will slide off or lose your footing while running up certain structures. It is kind of hard not to hit civilians even with the lock on feature the chaos is just too great, even when driving I had a hard time maneuvering through crowds of panicked people. Be warned, it is a sandbox game and I say this because many have short attention spans and complain it is repetitive.

    It can be somewhat tedious at times, but with all the gore and action it is still a fun game. The graphics are amazing and the game play keeps flowing with excitement and you have the choice. If you do feel lost; Image Comics had put out a Prototype Series so you can catch up on the back story of Alex Mercer.

    With that said I shall give Prototype 4 memory links out of 5, this game will be out on June 9th for PS3, PC and Xbox 360 stay frosty gamers!

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    Aeonin Guest
    I hope this demo hits people's hands soon. I tried out the one for Infamous and was very disappointed. But its usually that way with most open world games - theres just not enough focus. Hopefully this game won't disappoint.

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    sorceror Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Aeonin View Post
    I hope this demo hits people's hands soon. I tried out the one for Infamous and was very disappointed. But its usually that way with most open world games - theres just not enough focus. Hopefully this game won't disappoint.
    It looks to me like Prototype is aiming for a different vibe than inFamous. More adrenaline, less cerebrum. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but not my cup of tea - I'm enjoying inFamous a lot. I'll wait for a demo to see if Prototype's for me, too.

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    Unbreakable360 Guest

    Not too excited

    These games just remind me of spiderman. I thought infamous was gonna be bad but then saw somebody at gamestop play the actually game... never base your opinion of the game on a demo...

    Didnt look bad so i got it and love it. Might get prototype but not sure. The problem with open world games in my opinion is that its open world so i get curious and start roaming around by the time i get to do a mission im already tired of seeing and playin it lol and omg how annoying are the reaperz in infamous no lock on?

    The games gets boring when i gotta shock people from the roof tops when i wanna beat them up but cant cuz ill die before i even land two hits. Hopefully they polish prototype real good before releasing it.

    Looks like a good game but somthing about it reminds me of carnage in spiderman, he looks like a symbiote which is whats taking the appeal away from it sadly.

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    Starlight Guest
    Actually i got the pc version and the game is very good and the graphics are sweet and this guy in the game can wreak some havoc indeed as he is a shape-shifter, so i imagine the ps3 version should be very good also.

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    link2009 Guest
    I also have the PC version and I found the game totally mindless. Where is the fun or challenge in being to kill anyone in a few seconds and just do whatever you want?

    Sure the graphics and effects are spectacular, but the gameplay is pretty much nonexistent.

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    semitope Guest
    Get infamous for the ps3 instead. That game is worlds beyong this in what u can do and what it offers. Graphic seem better in infamous as well.

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    Starlight Guest
    Well i found it quite fun as everybody has a different taste in games, and infamous doesn't have anything above this game, not in graphics, and not in gameplay, i think they are fairly equal, but this is just my own opinion on this but both games could be very fun depending on the person's taste.

    But i am talking about the pc version of the game for graphics..

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