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Thread: Retailer Reveals Resistance 3 PS3 Setting, Dated for March 2011

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    Retailer Reveals Resistance 3 PS3 Setting, Dated for March 2011

    Today online retailer has revealed what is purported to be the Resistance 3 PS3 setting, sample boxart (below) and a release date of March 24, 2011.

    While there is no official confirmation yet from Sony nor Insomniac Games beyond the previously reported developer profile and gameplay survey, the setting of Resistance 3 for PlayStation 3 appears to be in New York based on the boxart logo which matches the Resistance 3 billboard and product description, as follows:

    "Continue the fight against the Chimera invasion in Resistance 3, as the battle moves to New York City and humanity makes its final stand."

    To quote: "The billboard for Resistance 3 gives a vague clue on the plot of the game. For Resistance 3, the A in the billboard clearly illustrates the Statue of Liberty, indicating New York City will be the game's primary setting.

    As seen by the description by the retailer - stating the game's location is set in New York - and Insomniac's pattern of game locations told via Resistance's box art, you can't help but believe this retailer is correct."

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    Two exclusive FPS's with in months of the other? Did someone at insomniac just go "Hey guys, I have an idea. We should compete with the likes of Killzone 3 during our next game launch. Come on, it'll be fun!"

    They're both good games, but I don't think you can compete with graphics as stunning as Killzone, but who knows. Maybe Resistance will go back to it's roots and not try and make it self like every other shooter on the market, and maybe they will change the God of War 3 ending so that Solid Snake is actually the ultimate power in Pandora's box.

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