Leading UK retailer GAME has updated their online box shot for BioShock on the PS3 today, and have included a HOME logo on the front of the cover.

Assuming this coverart makes it to retail, this indicates upcoming PS3 Home integration with the title, likely including trophies among other online aspects.

Below is a closer look at the updated box cover art... as always, click to enlarge.

Bioshock for PS3 is slated for an October 1, 2008 release date, with a pre-order price of £39.99 for those interested.

[imglink=http://www.ps4news.com/images/img_4818.jpg|Retailer GAME confirms BioShock PS3 Home Integration]http://www.ps4news.com/images.php?sm=1&f=img_4818.jpg&w=500&h=400[/imglink]

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