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    Big Grin Restore Default Settings Works Wonders

    My room mate fell in the living room...and stepped on my PS3 controller...and knocked my PS3 over...
    The PS3 seemed fine but when I went to run Blast Factor when it said "Internet Connection Unavaible: Press O to return" Nothing functioned. Tried the PS button. Menu loads, neither X nor (Tri.) worked. This proved true everywhere else in the console, so I "Restore Default Settings"
    BAM everthing worked fine again.

    Too bad I don't know why, but its pretty powerful, and didn't destroy any of my data Thanks Sony for creating a system that can heal itself

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    Yeah, that's why I never bring my PS3 anywhere near my roommates.

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    Have to keep it in the living room. Most room for the projector (wish I had more room to place it back more) and 8.1 speakers I have hooked up. (Wish my roomates would pitch in some money..... spent $900 on projector, $535 on PS3... and they get to enjoy (AND BREAK) it more than I do)

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    If I had a roommate and they harmed my precious, I huck them out the highest window in the building.

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