[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3215274[/IMGW] Any potential sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man is a few years off, so Insomniac Games has prepared to keep players fragging online via content patches scheduled for the first half of 2007. Whether anything comes after that probably depends on the success of the first two. Additional game modes -- Team Conversion and Assault -- become available in the first update, which arrives on March 23rd, the day PlayStation 3 launches in Europe.

Team Conversion is exactly as described, taking the existing Conversion game type and splitting players into competing factions. Everyone starts as a human, but make your shots count; once you're dead, it's game over. Assault has opposing sides tearing down each other's base defenses before "assaulting" (lol) their base for the win.

Other tweaks include a controllable spectator camera, tweaked matchmaking and the previous radar will become an custom game option.

Then, Insomniac Games will spend the next couple of months polishing the May update, which makes multiplayer a worldwide affair, provides the option for players to purchase new maps within the game itself and two new playgrounds:
"One of the maps is set in Westmorland, England where players will find the struggle against the Chimera continues among the snowy hills of northern Great Britain. The other map is set in Camborn, England where once again the British Resistance battles the Chimera. In Camborn, players will be able to take part in both above-ground and subterranean combat. The story behind the new maps is told as an extension of the backstory presented on the Resistance: Fall of Man website, www.rfomps3.com"

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