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    Registered User Radiskull's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by di4medollaz View Post
    i will join! My stats are pretty good and i want to join a clan!!I was actually going to do the same thing as you and make a post and put together a clan of my own but you have already established one so please invite me. di4medollaz is my name
    Your invite will be sent in the next day or 2 Welcome aboard.

    Quote Originally Posted by tworkemon View Post
    I will join !!! I have to double check what my online screen name was for Resistance. I beat the game the first weekend it came out, formated my hdd to install linux and my saved games were destroyed. I didnt feel like playing Resistance again so I went to play COD3. I will look tonight and post my screen name.. I believe it might be "EnorMOZ" if its the same for all online games ??
    Your invite will be sent in the next day or 2 Welcome aboard.

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    I can confirm that my user is "EnorMOZ" Played a bit last night to try to get use to the controller config. I will try to see if i can get it to what COD3 uses... Cant wait to snipe more people

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    Anyone else looking to join up?

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    So are we still on for tonight? I'm playing right now its about 2 mst till about 6 so hit me up! And will start again about 10pm till beer runs out.

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    i never got a clan invite

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    I don't know if clan members can send invites only radiskull can. if I can I'll do it, what your gamer tag flubug.

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    Exclamation Challenge!!!

    I want to play someone who can give me a challenge, my ID is CPE173. Just send me a message to my ID and I'll get back to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flubug View Post
    i never got a clan invite
    I saw that I sent an invite to your username ryuhosuke. I'll send one again

    Played online yesterday for most of the afternoon, and met up with EnorMOS. Good game.
    Last edited by Radiskull; 12-10-2006 at 03:57 PM

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Hey all my Resistance name is Mike0823. I'm pretty new to the game but look me up anytime!

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    Mine is VanT6 (pronounced VanTee6) don't get much time to play due to wife and kids and all that family stuff but I'm slowly getting the hang of it


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