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    PS3 Square Button Resistance: Fall Of Man PS3 dumped!

    Just a day after BREAKiNG the news of the World's First PS3 Blu-ray Game Dumped we can now report on a second PS3 title dump- namely Resistance: Fall Of Man by CJPC! Feel free to discuss this exciting news in our PS3 Forums or iRC Chat EFnet #PS3News), and now let's move on to the info about this second PS3 Blue-ray Game Disc dump: The iSO file size is 17.53GB (18,827,837,440 bytes) and the complete Resistance: Fall Of Man FileList.txt is available for examination.

    Here are some iSOBuster / WinHex pictures (Resistance: Fall Of Man PS3 Tree View pic, Resistance: Fall Of Man PS3 TOC View pic, Resistance: Fall Of Man PS3 EBOOT.BIN pic, Resistance: Fall Of Man PS3 GAME.SELF pic, Resistance: Fall Of Man PS3 PARAM.SFO pic, and Resistance: Fall Of Man PS3_DISC.SFB pic) of it as well, and RUMOR has it at least one release group plans to begin releasing PS3 iSO image dumps in the very near future for those who don't yet have a PS3 but would like to examine them more closely. :grinb

    Related Pictures: ICON0.PNG pic, ICON0_00.PNG pic, ICON0_09.PNG pic, PIC0.PNG pic, PIC0_00.PNG pic, PIC0_09.PNG pic, PIC1.PNG pic, PIC2.PNG pic, PIC2_00.PNG pic, and PIC2_09.PNG pic.

    In PSP news today, weltall let us know he has updated to CWCheat For DevHook v0.1.6 Revision B For Custom Firmware 2.71 SE-B For PSP. The complete changelog is available with the download for those interested!

    Next up, Uncle Jam has updated to JiSO And DAX Plug-In Mod For DevHook v0.46 r1 For PSP today. Changes this time primarily include improved DAX support.

    apcarr has shared with us a Tony Hawks Project 8 (USA) 924MB + 751MB PSP RipKit today, and feel free to discuss it further in our Tony Hawk's Project 8 PSP Forum thread.

    In other PSP news today, aeolusc has shared with us CheatMaster v0.6c For PSP with source code which now includes, among other changes, the following:
    [!] Limit search alignment due to the MIPS CPU instructions (greatly improved search speed)
    [!] Fixed bug that memory table list is cleared after loading memory table data
    Zx-81 has updated to PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator v1.1.4 For PSP which includes some bug fixes, and also updated his TO7-70 Emulator port to PSPTHOM v1.0.2 For PSP today.

    Finally, bkclog has released QUASI88 v0.6.1 BETA 4 For PSP, which is an NEC PC-8801 Emulator for the PlayStation Portable. It includes keyboard lock, analog input, and more!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    ICON0.PNG   ICON0_00.PNG   ICON0_09.PNG   PIC0.PNG   PIC0_00.PNG  

    PIC0_09.PNG   PIC1.PNG   PIC2.PNG   PIC2_00.PNG   PIC2_09.PNG  

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    PS3 Directions Buttons

    More attachments for the above article...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Resistance_Fall_Of_Man_Tree_View.png   Resistance_Fall_Of_Man_TOC_View.png   Resistance_Fall_Of_Man_PS3_DISC.SFB.png   Resistance_Fall_Of_Man_PARAM.SFO.png   Resistance_Fall_Of_Man_EBOOT.BIN.png  

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