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    Resistance 3 and Revelations Multiplayer Betas Hit PlayStation Plus

    PlayStation Store Director Grace Chen has announced today that both a Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta and an Assassin's

    Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Beta will be hitting PlayStation Plus for subscribers.

    To quote: PlayStation Plus is heating up in August with exclusive access to some of the most anticipated Fall releases including Resistance 3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations!

    With the 8/23 Store Update, Plus subscribers will have access to some of the multiplayer battlegrounds in Resistance 3 with the Multiplayer Beta, which includes two major maps in the game: the Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales, and the Trainyard in Bogota, Colombia. Be one of the first to get your hands on this breakthrough FPS experience.

    With a special 9/3 Store publish, Plus subscribers will have access to the spectacular cat and mouse gameplay that makes up Assassin's Creed: Revelations' multiplayer modes via the Beta. Get access to 3 maps, 9 characters, and 4 modes of undercover assassin action.

    Lastly, the PlayStation Network PLAY event is in full effect with the release of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition on 8/23 20% off in Plus. The Baconing, BloodRayne: Betrayal, and Renegade Ops will continue to be available for pre-order with a 20% discount for Plus as well. That's Day 1 discounts, people!

    Check out the full outlook of content hitting for 8/23 and 8/30 Store Updates, and as always, let us know your feedback in the comments.

    Here is the content list for August 23rd and August 30th:

    Free BETA Access: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta, Aug 23
    Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Beta, Sep 3
    Free Minis: I Must Run!, Aug 23
    Free Dynamic Theme: LittleBigPlanet "Sackboy on the Run", Aug 23

    PSN PLAY Discounts: Street Fighter III Third Strike: Online Edition, $11.99
    The Baconing, $11.99
    BloodRayne: Betrayal, $11.99
    Renegade Ops, $11.99

    Discounts: MotorStorm Apocalypse Premiere Pack Bundle, $1.04, Aug 23
    Wakeboarding HD, $3.99, Aug 30

    Exclusive Avatar Bundle: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition Avatar Bundle, Aug 23
    Section 8: Prejudice PSN Avatar Pack (10 Avatars), Sep 3, Free

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    the multiplayer beta for res 3 has been out for a week or 2!!

    i can't wait to see what the assassin's creed revs is like..

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yeah indeed. The Resistance 3 Beta is out for roundabout two weeks for PS+ Users. I don't know why they announced it such late.

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    Apr 2005
    My guess is maybe it came out a bit later in North America vs Europe as this news is from the US Blog... good question though!

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