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    Resistance 3 for PS3 Mentioned in Sony Gameplay Survey

    Not long ago a billboard and developer profile hinted that Resistance 3 was coming for PS3, and today a Sony gameplay experience survey further confirms the notion.

    Razor210 of NeoGAF has posted a PSN survey that he received from Sony via e-mail which mentions the unannounced Resistance 3 video game for PlayStation 3.

    To quote from the survey questions:

    "Do you think there is a future version of Resistance, Resistance 3 being developed?

    If it was being developed, how likely are you to purchase the future version of Resistance, Resistance 3 for the PS3?"

    Here is to hoping this is yet another clue for fans of the series that Resistance 3 is indeed in development.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Big Grin

    nice news!!! we are happy to have the 3rd game of resistance!!!

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    Count me in also. I have always liked this game.

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    This is SO cool!

    Gonna play resistance 1

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