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    hunter316 Guest

    Resistance 2 Easter Egg Gives Props to Metal Gear Solid 4

    You know, Easter Eggs are always fun little secrets to seek out -- such as this one from Resistance 2, which candidly gives a shout out to Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4.

    Reader Jay stumbled upon this "MGS4PWNS" sign in co-op mode. It looks like the ladies and gents at Insomniac have enjoyed MGS4 quite a bit. And why not? It's great.

    To see the EE for yourself, just check out the Spec Op's ammo crate after "prototype ammo berserk" has been activated.

    We haven't tried this ourselves yet this weekend, but we're sure we'll run into it sometime. So how about you? Have you found anything interesting in your gaming sessions this weekend? More PlayStation 3 News...

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    In my weekend gaming session as you call it I completed my first prestigue mode in cod 4 after about 48 hours of gameplay and decided to start single player mode which only lasts around 4 hours and even though it has a nice single player story you better just jump straight to multiplayer if you already havent...

    Next up is resistance 1 because yes im not up to date and resistance 2 looks like nothing Ive played before. Sorry guys I just try to finish as many GOOD games as posible and theres so many of them how do you manage to play all of them?

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