The box art itself still hasnít been shown on Amazon (but it should come soon, as the IGN voting for the boxart earlier this week is already over for the US). The one below is simply of the three candidates (and the obvious favorite).

But until now, we havenít really known what was going to be the in CE edition of the game. Amazonís got the lowdown on what will come for your $80.

Like a lot of CE versions of games these days, Resistance 2 will come with a bonus disc with behind-the-scenes footage, video commentary from Insomniac themselves, and a video dubbed "Twisted History" chronology video.

Of course, thereís more. It also comes with an exclusive multiplayer skin (HVAP Wraith), a double-sided art book Ďcovering a war-torn America from two unique perspectivesí, and even a sneak peek at the soon-to-happen Resistance novel "The Gathering Storm." Yeah, theyíre doing one too.

Finally (yes, thereís STILL more), a 5.5? figurine of a Chimera Hybrid will come with the package (holding a Bullseye). More PlayStation 3 News...