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    Resident Evil 5 Requires Enormous 5GB PS3 HDD Installation

    Earlier today it was announced that the Resident Evil 5 PS3 demo has hit PlayStation Network.

    With that in mind, next month Capcom's Resident Evil 5 is set for the official market launch. The fifth part of the series will be appear both on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    Today the installation capacity requirement of Resident Evil 5 has become available, courtesy of the image below.

    For those curious, on the PS3 it will require 5GB of HDD space. Bad news indeed for people with only a 40GB PlayStation 3 console.

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    Wow. 5GB does seem... excessive. If the 360 version doesn't require hard disc install, what could account for that? I mean, the disc read rates are similar. Even if the 360 actually reaches around twice the speed... is that really going to make that kind of difference?

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    5gb?! i totally need to upgrade my 40gb

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    160gig for the win

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    5gb is really excessive.. I need to upgrade my HDD too :-)

    Is there any size limit for the PS3 HDD ?

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    well, for xbox360, one can now install the game onto HDD, so i guess the ps3 can probably add the same feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xil View Post
    5gb is really excessive.. I need to upgrade my HDD too :-)

    Is there any size limit for the PS3 HDD ?
    no size limit for the hdd.

    I used to be against the hdd installs but now I install any game that has the option. My nephews ps3 just stopped reading ps3 games. it seems thatīs one of the biggest problems with the ps3. so now to save the laser, Iīm installing any game data that I can. i have a 60gb hdd and thatīs been good so far but itīs time to start thinking of an upgrade.

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    For this new piece of awsomeness... i think the 5gbs are worth it... i admit that if it were another game i mite have been a bit iffy abt it. However, im generally not against these installs... once they don't take a huge amount of time.

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    Too bad for the guys with 20gig

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    hmm 5gb shouldnt be that big of the deal anymore, be scared when a game needs 10gb of space. i'm pretty sure everyone has upgraded there hd by now anyways also it would take some load off the blu-ray so maybe we see a faster loading time

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