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    Research Study Finds Japanese PS3 Owners Are Graphics Addicts

    Tokyo-based market researcher Net-Asia has released some new findings in reference to Japanese gaming trends.

    The poll noted that out of those surveyed with a PS3, 66 percent of them believed that the graphical prowess of the console was a reason to own it.

    To quote: When asked why they owned their respective consoles, 81% of the PS3 owners responded that they bought it for the gamse, while only 52% of Wii owners got their system for the games.

    66% of the PS3 owners also cited graphical prowess of the system as a reason to own it, with the Blu-ray player being another reason. 37% of the Wii owners snapped up the console up to be used as a health tool, with other reasons included increasing family communication and to try playing games in a new way.

    So there ya have it, the average PS3 owner in Japan is a young graphics addict that tends to enjoy playing action games by themselves.

    PS: The pic below is a last-minute Memorial Day 2009 tribute!

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    tomcats001 Guest

    well thats a good thing

    thats a really good thing though...

    after all. all these systems come from overseas... all these next gen systems are all about better graphics...

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    shummyr Guest
    good graphics alone don't make a good game though..

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