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Thread: Reports of PS3 Firmware 3.0 Locking Out Knock-off Controllers

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    DrkStr1976 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MrCandydance View Post
    Sorry to pull this old thread up but are there any news about the ceramic white controllers and newer 3.x firmwares? Are the not-original controllers still locked out? If you got a white controller which is working, are you sure it is a genuine Sony controller?

    Any feedback?
    I have the white controller (made in China) and mine still functions perfectly.

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    MrCandydance Guest
    Hmm... Cool! Which FW do you have, and is it the fat or the slim console?

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    DrkStr1976 Guest
    I just updated to 3.10 and it's the slim.

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    MrCandydance Guest
    Good info! Then i'll probably take a chance with a cheaper Dualshock 3 chinese knockoff controller.


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