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    mikedean55 Guest

    Report: Sony is Now Losing Just $36 on Every PS3 Slim Sold

    This is interesting.. According to iSuppli.com Sony now losing just $36 on every PS3 Slim sold.

    To quote: "The PlayStation 3 was the biggest risk yet for Sony with an estimated manufacturing cost between $690 and $805 when it first hit the market. The retail price was just $599 showing how much each sale hurt.

    The saving grace, however, is the fact that manufacturing costs come down and most of the profit is generated from game sales rather than the hardware itself. In January Sony was thought to have reduced its manufacturing costs by 35% to just $448, but still $48 above the then $399 retail price.

    Then the PS3 Slim was created which involved a development cost and new components. That pushed the loss back up to around $100, but was combined with a surge in sales increasing the profits garnered from game sales.

    Now with Christmas fast approaching iSuppli has done a new report showing that Sony has reduced costs to $336 meaning each sale now only loses the company $36. That paves the way for profit at some point next year when certain PS3 Slim components fall in price."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    juankarec Guest
    $36 may or may not be correct, but remember that retail stores don't sell stuff for free! So whatever the real cost is, you also have to consider the profit a retail store or wholesaler is making in each sale, usually starting from 10% and up to 30%.

    Don't know what is the usual profit on game bussiness is in the US but in South America is at least 15% in this category.

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    dalevieira Guest
    I'm impressed to know that the Cell processor only costs around $38 bucks!

    They should sell the cell as a computer processor for home computer stations, or use the xmb and cell to make HTPC's standalones...

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    Preceptor Guest
    Hmmm This is weird... I remember reading somewhere around here that sony was profitting about 50 bucks selling the slim. I read this about the time when it was released.

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    moshebe Guest
    i just wonder how the price "cut down" will influence the performance in the long run...

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    Siggy12 Guest
    I don't believe that Sony still loose 36 $ on every PS3....

    This price that Sony declare cannot be the true for me... these are prices for single people that go to buy a single piece at store, not prices for a major company like Sony that order milions of pieces in the world. For example price for nvidia synthesizer is 46 $ ?? I can't believe that a 7600 gt (as i know is the same family, maybe I'm wrong) costs so High to a major company like Sony.

    This is my point of view.

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    victor307664 Guest
    Yeah, Maybe they're talking about wholesale price for retail stores. Cause I know it cost major retail stores about $100 dollars for the wii and they sell them for $200. I'm going to find out how much stores pay for the ps3. I'll be back.

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    Puky Guest
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Cell processor is not an x86 CPU, so it would not work as a desktop processor, as common operating systems would not work on it.

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    greqo Guest
    Well I contributed to that -$36 on black friday. I have already given them $9.93 of that back since then.

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    r3pek Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Puky View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Cell processor is not an x86 CPU, so it would not work as a desktop processor, as common operating systems would not work on it.
    Linux works. And it's a "common" operating system...

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