Dontnod Entertainment Creative Director JMax shared some fresh art, an interactive journal and a PS3 Q&A for Remember Me with fans today.

To quote: Hi everyone, this is Jmax, Creative Director at the developer Dontnod Entertainment. We are the guys behind Capcom's newest (and most exciting!) title, Remember Me.

The game will be coming out on the 7th June in Europe and in the run down to the launch I would like to bring you some news about the game, let you know what is going on and hopefully answer your questions.

Remember Me takes place in Neo-Paris in 2084. In this future, thanks to an implant known as Sensen, you can record everything you see, hear and feel, giving birth to a memory trading economy where you can share or even sell those memories.

As cool as all this sounds there is a potentially more sinister side to this world as one company, Memorize, controls all the memory data (imagine having a smart phone and social media directly tapped into your brain!) and this begs the question who is watching the watchmen?

Not everyone in Neo-Paris agrees with one company having so much power and set out to bring Memorize down, this group call themselves the Erorrists. In the game, you get to play the most powerful Errorist of all, Nilin.

We have now launched our very cool interactive journal. This is the diary of the founder of Memorize, Antoine Cartier-Wells and tells his story from 2013 to 2084, where the game begins. Through his eyes you can find out more about the history of the world and the company between today and tomorrow. You can check it out for yourself by hitting the link:

You can find out more about the game at and also check out all of the trailers for the game at

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section and I will do my best to answer you all.

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