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    Reeves: Sony is Not Reducing the PS3 Price Now or in the Spring

    Sony's David Reeves has bluntly stated that Sony has no plans to reduce the price of the PS3 now or either in the spring time - absolutely not. He added Sony is taking a value added approach rather than just cutting the cost of the system.

    To quote: Does that mean once you've broken even you will reduce the price of the hardware to stimulate more sales?

    No, we are not going to go down in price on PS3 - neither are we going to go down in price on PS3 in spring time either. Absolutely not, whatever you might have heard to the contrary. Our strategy is very much value added.

    That doesn't mean we are going to add pieces of software - we might add original ideas to the machine. What we want is to make the machine value for money.

    The long-term objective of the company is the growth of the industry. During the 12 to 13 years we have been in the market, the handheld and static console market has grown by over 350 per cent, which is hugely dramatic. Software has gone up even more, and our objective is to grow the industry to bring it into credibility. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Twinkle Tits Guest
    They better not freaking cry in wonder why the PS3 is in the third position and lower...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    A) Nobody can EVER say "we'll NOT lower prices" as anything can happen even tomorrow (especially in this economic situation)

    B) And - IMO - I think he's LYING on purpose to avoid people waiting for price drop rather than buying PS3 now over the holiday ... :P

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    I think he's LYING on purpose to avoid people waiting for price drop rather than buying PS3 now over the holiday ... :P
    Exactly what I was thinking. I think that Sony should really sell the PlayStation 3 at a lower price rather than bundling games and redeem codes. I don't know how they think that their "strategy" is going to work because, I don't know if they've been paying attention to their competition's success in price drops but, it has outsold the PlayStation 3 in the US and UK... Japan will be next, and Sony still won't notice what's going on until it is too little, too late.

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    xxLindenxx Guest


    if there stategy is to make a value console, at least make it faster and better because the xmb screen is way to slow when playing a game, sending messages work more or less and you can't play music while playing a game witch is something i really don't appreciate at all.

    anyway, i love my ps3 but i only wish it still had more usb ports, sd cards and backwards compatibility.so if there going to make a 500$ (504$ according to an ad with little big planet) then why not make the ps3 better like the old days when it WAS the very best. I'd still pay 600$ if it had everything it used to have..

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