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    Starlight Guest

    Reeves: Play PS3 games while listening to streaming Vidzone movies

    Worried that PS3s streaming Vidzone music videos were going to get in the way of your games? SCEE president David Reeves is here to quell the fear.

    "People said, I wish I could listen to the music, and see it as well," Reeves told us, speaking at Games Convention in Leipzig last week.

    "Because you can listen to it - you dont have to see the music video - and play your game at the same time. And that to them was very important."

    The Vidzone service - which allows streaming of music videos to all PS3 users in Europe for free - is to launch early next year. A download service for similar content is scheduled to hit towards the end of 2009. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    bloodymolecule Guest
    Europe Only? I hate this, Europeans dont get things last.

    ASIANS DO * Beside Japan And Following near countries*

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    nightwish Guest
    I can't understand $ony's politics .... they should go one way for all .... one global standard

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