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    Reeves: No Cutbacks Due to Recession, No PS4 Consideration Yet

    Sony Europe president David Reeves has told RTL Z that the video game business is not recession proof, but there is no real visible slow-down.

    Moreover, he noted that they have loads of personnel that are developing games and this is an investment which SCEE will not scale down at all. Here also added that he is not even sure if a PS4 is being considered, stating that he has no knowledge of it at all and is not sure if it is planned.

    To quote in part: In an interview with Dutch economics program RTL Z, Sony Europe president David Reeves speaks about the economic crisis and how it relates to the video game industry in Europe.

    Reeves is quick to state that the industry is not recession proof, but that there is no visible slowdown. He postulates that consumers are putting the recession to the back of their minds over Christmas, or that they are choosing to stay at home more and, as a result, are spending money on home-based entertainments, such as video games.

    Reeves also states that within Sony Computer Entertainment Europe there will be no personnel or development cutbacks. "We don't have many personnel to cut back.

    Half our personnel are in the development of the games. That's an investment. We're not scaling down at all." Good news for first party developers; it looks like their jobs (and the games they are developing) are relatively safe. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Lol... first time we Dutch people get exclusive news

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