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    Redbox Instant Coming to PS3 This Fall, PS4 and PS Vita to Follow

    Following up on their initial news, Redbox Instant (by Verizon) has now announced plans to support Sony's PlayStation 3 entertainment system this fall with more information coming for both PS4 and PS Vita platforms as well.

    From their official site: We're also thrilled to let everyone know that we'll be on the PlayStation 3 in the fall, with more information on the PS4 and PS Vita coming soon.

    Pricing Plans:
    • $6.00 a month will get you access to the Redbox Instant library
    • $8.00 a month will get you access to the Redbox Instant library
    • Plus: 4 DVD Rentals a month at any Redbox kiosk.
    • $9.00 a month will get you access to the red box Instant library
    • Plus: 4 Blu-ray Rentals a month at any Redbox kiosk.

    What devices can I use?

    Reserve at the kiosk, rent or buy on demand, and stream a subscriber-only library of hits on your smart phone, tablet, Xbox, smart TV, Blu-ray player, PC or Mac. (PS3 coming in Fall)

    How does the subscription work?

    We start you off with the only 1-month FREE Trial that gives you 4 DVD credits at the box plus unlimited access to a subscription streaming library of hits just for subscribers.

    How to find movies.

    It’s easy to discover the titles you want to watch now. In fact, our handy search tools and helpful categories make browsing a breeze. Easy peasy, remote-control-squeezy.

    At the Box.

    Grab the latest new releases on disc at any of 34,600 Redbox locations, whenever the mood hits. Reserve a DVD and it's right there waiting for you, or choose one at the box. You're gonna love having 4 fresh DVD credits every month!

    Pay as you go, download for later.

    Even without a subscription, you can rent or buy a streaming title from the thousands of Hollywood and family greats in our library. And we have thousands more on-demand studio faves and movies so new, they still have that theater popcorn smell. It's big time entertainment, one title at a time.

    Our browse gets wows!

    We’ve also made searching for collections, genres, stars, and specific titles so easy it’s not even funny - unless you’re looking for a comedy, of course.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    no1leftb3hind Guest
    So it's netflix, but more expensive? Sorry but between torrents and netflix, they're probably not going to do very well. They should just stick to their kiosks.

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    vegeta777 Guest
    Lol your right lol.... It should be free for just being a Sony customer right lol they take what doesn't belong to them through there so called updates I mean forced updates then you can't play your PS2 games any more.

    They need to give back to the people they stole from and take back the junk free games there pushing to keep use quite... Oh we'll life goes on lol

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