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Thread: Red Dead Redemption Requires PS3 Firmware 3.21 or Higher

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    laggmaster Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Warrorar View Post
    Shiggy why should someone wanna play xbox360 titles? the only exclusive title is Halo. so wayne. =/

    ever good game gets released for both consoles.. and if the ps3 would be hacked already, nobody would buy a xbox360 anymore.
    face the truth.
    umm untrue i wish Left 4 Dead 1/2 was on the ps3... 36BOX/PC exclusive... but nobody has Crysis... even though Crytech is working on cryengine3 specifically for the ps3 which means we gettin Crysis2...

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    xrayglasses Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Well - it all depends on the way the (first) CFW would be installed on "virgin" PS3 (aka one with no CFW so far). So far it seems the access to OtherOS (e.g. pre-3.21 FW) might be the only way. It's indeed possible that down the line another way could be found but (similarly as with PSP in the past) the higher with OFW you'll go on your PS3 the lower chances are that you'll be able to install CFW or at least much longer you'd need to wait for exploit to be found.
    updates also change other chip firmware and their driver interfaces occasionally.

    Also one thing that has never been done is scanning for memory corruption vulnerabilities in dumped firmware. It can be done even with Python like has already been done for x86 and older PPC.

    On closing, I feel the frustration of people who actually make an effort when they complain about the reality of the PS3. 'If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem'

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    TonyFlakes Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Siggy12 View Post
    LOL I didn't know this... now I know !!!

    but wait... also PS3 won't play XBOX 360 titles and don't want to go to XBOX LIVE maybe they hates each others
    PS3 won't... But Superior Master Race a.k.a PC will. and better.

    All good Xbox 360 "exclusives" are for PC to... This gen is all about Master Race PC + PS3. best combo.

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    tjay17 Guest
    How is this game? Is it good? How is multiplayer?

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    Warrorar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    How is this game? Is it good? How is multiplayer?
    This game is awesome. Singleplayer is 200% better then on GTA4 and the Multiplay ist such funny.. played yesterday 5Hours with 3Friends.

    is extremly great and today i bought for 200€ a 40GB Playstation3 with firmware 1.50 for security^^ if i'm not able to upgrade my 80gb from 3.30 onto a cfw. then i will use my second ps3 ^^



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    OGroteKoning Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    How is this game? Is it good? How is multiplayer?
    Easy way to check all the ratings from most/all the reviewers on the web is to search on wikipedia - at the bottom of the articles are the ratings. This game has received most or perhaps all of its ratings in the top 90's ... I can't wait for my copy - it is on my wishlist for my birthday on the 3rd June. hope my fiance's brother sees this post to remind her of my preference on the list ... hold thumbs!!

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    vwkid Guest
    I went and bought this game without searching for this issue, and was a little mad when I couldn't play at all. I wanted to exchange it for a 360 version, but gave in the next day and formatted and updated the ps3 since I didn't really have the money to blow on another console.

    It was a worthwhile thing to do for me, the game is great, and i only used otheros to rip blurays. I plan on ordering a bluray drive to keep my bluray rip collection growing.

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    Phaze Guest
    I personally think that red dead redemption is worth the update.

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    mj3dx Guest

    Big Grin

    lol they needed to update..

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