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    Apr 2005

    Red Dead Redemption PS3 Unlocks and Mall Updates Hit PS Home

    PlayStation Home Online Community Specialist Locust_Star has revealed news of both Red Dead Redemption reward unlocks and mall updates beginning today in PS Home.

    To quote: As you make your way through Red Dead Redemption's dusty terrain, pumping lead into lawmen, lawless men, and even a few not-so-cuddly members of the wildlife community, while grabbing Trophies left and right, keep your eye out for a few mile marker accomplishments that will grant you the kind of highly sought-after PlayStation Home rewards that will make you the envy of your entire posse.

    To give you leg up this week, here are the instructions to unlock two of the many PlayStation Home rewards that can be found in the killing fields of Red Dead Redemption: Complete the Rockstar Games Social Club "Skin it to Win It Challenge", and unlock the "Gentlemen's Attire" and "Lady's Finest" virtual items.

    In other news, the PlayStation Home Mall will be updated this week with new items for your avatars and personal spaces, including additional Red Dead Redemption items (such as the John Marston outfit).

    Other updates include new Irem cowboy and cowgirl items (are you sensing a loose theme to this week yet?), LucasArts items (including Mola Ram items from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - how sweet is that?!), and even this Minotaur head, for all of you that are participating in the ongoing Top Avatar competition, which is focusing on the Fantasy genre this week (details can be found here).

    See you in Home!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    silencephaze Guest
    What do you guys think of this game? I rented it and it's not to bad, but i think i would have more fun with the GTA addons for sure. I haven't unlocked the slow motion shooting though, so maybe that's why i got bored of it.

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    Warrorar Guest
    could you tell us please what firmware did you needed for?

    3.15? 3.21? 3.30?

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    ajw7989 Guest
    if you mean for red dead redemption its 3.21, which does remove otheros =/

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    Warrorar Guest
    nice one... that means for me waiting for a custom firmware, or playing the game i'm waiting 4 years for... damn.

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