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Thread: Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 3 Update v1.02 Arrives via PSN

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    Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 3 Update v1.02 Arrives via PSN

    Today RockStar Games has announced that the Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 3 update version 1.02 has arrived, which users will be prompted to download when signing in to PSN.

    The main issues fixed by the title update are as follows, to quote:

    - Resolved various NAT incompatibility issues (Click here for tips on how to optimize your firewall settings)
    - Improved connectivity to multiplayer for users with slower connections
    - Improved reporting for Shootout and Gang Shootout games
    - Fixed instance where Mo Van Barr would not appear as a bounty
    - Fixed multiplayer titles not appearing for some users in the outfitter
    - Fixed instance where lawmen stopped responding even though the player was wanted
    - Fixed Issue with hogtied victims disappearing when ragdolled
    - Fixed crash in Free Mode when cooking dynamite and going into the water
    - Fixed audible glitch at the end of some cutscenes
    - Fixed Solomon's Folly Action Area not ending after posse leader teleports in late
    - Corrected Social Club 100% Tracker so stats update properly
    - Various multiplayer issues addressed including load screen hang-ups and UI glitches
    - Eliminated miscellaneous game crashes

    Additionally, this update includes support for a new playlist by popular demand, Hardcore Free Roam supporting only expert aim.

    This playlist will be released once this title update has time to propagate on both consoles.

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    ah nothing new just some bug fixes so I'm not excited lol

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    Mbb Guest
    they taken the xp from 2500 to 700 in free roam

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    luix Guest


    anyone got the debug .pkg? would be great.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Got the 100% in the single player yesterday. Going to start the online now. Game is damn fun!

    edit: Any of you guys play Rockstar's Facebook RDR game called GunSlinger's? It's RDR but just duels only. I'm the number 1 player in the world right now of the 80k or so player's. Been at it like 3 months now.... Was just wondering.

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    JW117 Guest
    exploit of patch 1.02 how it prevents you from gaining alot of xp , well here's a solution just delete the patch following these steps.

    1. quit game
    2. delete the patch from game data
    3. re enter the game
    4. cancel the update
    5. go to single player
    6. go to multiplayer
    7. go to lan

    It saves your progress too while in lan online so when u want to play with others just reinstall the patch and go to online public or online private or game modes and u'll notice that your rank and lvlng up saved .

    Then you can play multiplayer thru lan its just u wont be on psn , itll save all the data in save data when u level up plus youll gain more xp before the patch was implemented.

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    awesome work JW, some +REP for you..

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    Okiri Guest
    It is good to know they are fixing bugs... but heck, changing the Xp rate, that sucks. JW nice find, always some exploit comes along. +rep.

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    IanJ Guest
    This has got to be one of the glitchiest games i've played in a long time. He gets tangled in the geometry more times than i can count.

    Hopefully this fixes that. Other than that. Great game which I'm about 70% through.

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