Today SCEE's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has announced news of ModNation Racers, Red Dead Redemption, Audi Store, LocoRoco and Neptune content updates hitting PlayStation Home.

To quote: Following up on the launch of the popular ModNation Racers event in the PlayStation Events Space, the recently released kart racer featuring an enormous amount of customisability is getting a dedicated space in PlayStation Home.

From the fun of the Sticker Wall to the maddeningly addictive built-in kart mini-game, the brand new ModNation Racers space lives up to the game's "Play. Create. Share." philosophy. And this Thursday, May 27th the doors will open for you all to explore, experience, and enjoy this great new space.

Visit the Threads store this week, where you'll find Red Dead Redemption t-shirts and costumes. Men can deck themselves out as John Marston or Walton Gang, while for the ladies there's the Armadillo Woman and Bonnie MacFarlane outfits. Seven shirts featuring a variety of designs will be available for both male and female.

The Audi store updates this week with new Le Mans themed clothing items. Celebrating the legend that is Le Mans, and Audi's successes, this week's update includes two cap designs and two shirt designs for both male and female. The girls get an extra treat, in the form of a mauve sweat jacket.

Drop by the LocoRoco stores this week! Two new hoodies are available, along with another crazy item of headgear: the Hippoli Hat. The picture below says it all, I think!

Finally, we're releasing a new batch of Neptune content this week, including furniture and clothing items. Decorate your personal space in funky angles with the Zig Zag collection, featuring loveseat, couch and table.

Or if you prefer something more up-market, check out the Tuxedo collection, which includes a club seat along with both medium and large sofas. For those difficult-to-fill corners, Furniture also has vases and vessels in five varieties including glass, stone, and a neon cactus. To top it all off, Threads updates with new propeller headbands and heart glasses.

[imglink=|Red Dead Redemption, Audi and Neptune Updates Hit PS Home][/imglink]
[imglink=|Red Dead Redemption, Audi and Neptune Updates Hit PS Home][/imglink]
[imglink=|Red Dead Redemption, Audi and Neptune Updates Hit PS Home][/imglink]
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