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Thread: Record of Agarest War Hits PSN, Requires 10GB PS3 HDD Space

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    cmccmc Guest
    i'll get it, 18gb is nothing with my 50mb connection.

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    hoffmann277 Guest
    Two things holding me back from this.

    First, not knowing whether or not it has the extra items and dungeons. From wiki (so not sure if true) "New items and a new dungeon are available over Xbox LIVE as downloadable content."

    This was for the re-release in Japan "Record of Agarest War: Re-appearance." Same game, just extra voice acting, and better visuals.

    Wonder if those items/dungeon are included, or are coming to one or both systems.

    Second, not on Blu-ray. Could get the UK version but I read somewhere the voice acting and translation wasn't the greatest.

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