MonkeyPaw Games Marketing Manager Ray Almeda announced that Rapid Angel is blessing PlayStation Network with its presence today!

Below are the details, to quote: MonkeyPaw Games is always looking for something to twist your mind a little.

A game that makes you wonder 'who came up with this?'. Luckily, there is no shortage of weird and wonderful curios from the land of Japan.

And today we're pleased to bring you the next of our "subliminally strange but always pleasing" Japanese imports for the PSN section.

Rapid Angel will debut, today, 21st December, at the reasonable price of 3.99/€4.99.

Anime characters set the scene in this captivating action beat 'em up. Choose between three heroines, each with their own fighting style and personality. There is much nuanced charm and detail here.

The gameplay goes back to the old days of running, jumping and fighting, picking up gems and coins for points, and food to replenish your life. The graphics, meanwhile, are very stylish and well-crafted. This combination of side-scrolling fisticuffs and addictive platforming has something special for those with a subtle eye for Japanese ingenuity.

Attention to detail is a mark of every great game and Rapid Angel has been made with that quality in ample portion. Anime humor is present throughout, like the sweat drops appearing on your character when the enemy does something totally awkward or strange.

The characters all have strong personalities and we hope anime fans will fall for their idiosyncrasies. Each protagonist has a huge array of moves, blocks, powers and subtle nuances that make this game unique and fun to play again and again. That's something that retro fans can truly embrace.

Our games from the Japanese vault might be of a different generation and culture but their quality and timelessness endure. We believe Rapid Angel is a game worthy of your collection. Check it out today!

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