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Thread: Rainbow Moon PSN Review is Now Available - 9/10 a Solid Game!

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    elser1 Guest

    Rainbow Moon PSN Review is Now Available - 9/10 a Solid Game!

    After playing the game on my PS3 for a few weeks, here is my Rainbow Moon PSN review for!

    Rainbow Moon is a SRPG for PSN from SideQuest studios and Eastasiasoft. You play the role of Baldren who at the start of the game is cursed into a portal by his nemesis.

    You find yourself in a beautiful, enchanting once peaceful land of Rainbow Moon. Unfortunately you are not the only thing that has come through the portal. The curse has unleashed hoards of monsters upon this paradise.

    The people of Rainbow Moon are very weary of you at first and believe you are behind the infestation detroying there land. Your goal as Baldren is to Rid the world of monsters and find a way back home, if possible.

    I started my quest on Normal difficulty and had little trouble learning what I needed in terms of strategy to win battles in this turn based grid battle system. You will meet many people along the way, some of who will join your quest after you save them from an enemy or complete a quest for them. This greatly helps in battles and also make the game quite brilliant and rewarding after you have leveled your party up and mastered you and you companions many skills and talents in battle. You will be having many battles.

    I feel this game from PSN, at only $20 in Australian stores, is an absolute bargain and rivals many boxed games in this genre. I must say, about 35 hours into my quest, I have already gotten a lot more enjoyment and satisfaction from Rainbow Moon than many full retail titles costing $60-$70.

    This game even comes with a prestigious PLATINUM TROPHY for the trophy hunters out there, although the level 500 trophy I suspect may take many hours of grinding. No one can deny the value of Rainbow Moon with a main quest of at least 40 hours and over 40 side quests there is at least 100 hours minimum gameplay here.

    The graphical style and unique look is quite stunning and the beautiful color palette Side Quest studios has employed here makes Rainbow Moon the best looking RPG I have ever played. This game is highly polished and I never had any freezing or glitches like so many other PS3 games do.

    The inventory and interface system is very easy to use and understand and you can tell the developers put a lot of thought into making this game as free flowing and intelligent as any other RPG, if not more so. The A.I. is quite intelligent and depending upon skill and difficulty setting will give even the most advanced RPG players a challenge, as well as being a great game for newcomers to the genre.

    There are a wide variety of enemies to destroy or flee from. There are lots of dungeons to explore, and some I have found very challenging, with there portal shifting mind straining enemy filled pathways. Myself having not played a lot of this genre of game did however find this my favorite so far.

    I did get the DLC staright away, which will help you an enormous amount. Having lots of coins and the power rings as well as an abundance of rainbow pearls, the currency used to upgrade your skills and heal etc, will save you many hours of grinding at the start and make your quest a lot easier.

    I must mention the support team at Eastasiasoft are excellent as well.You will get a fast response to any questions you may have about the game. It really makes a nice change, unlike dealing with some of the bigger companies that you will be lucky to receive an answer from at all.

    Overall I am sure you will appreciate this game for what it is. An awesome, well priced RPG. You will enjoy Rainbow Moon. It has made me want to try SOLDNER X and I can't wait to see what game they do next! Below is the Rainbow Moon launch trailer for those who haven't seen it yet.


    RATING: 9/10 - SOLID GAME!

    [imglink=|Rainbow Moon PSN Review is Now Available - 9/10 a Solid Game!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Rainbow Moon PSN Review is Now Available - 9/10 a Solid Game!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Rainbow Moon PSN Review is Now Available - 9/10 a Solid Game!][/imglink]
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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    nice review bro, +rep!

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    microking Guest
    Adding images would be nice to give the thread a better feeling of a review. But seems like a good review for a genre that you are not familiar with.

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    elser1 Guest
    yeah i wanted to but i couldn't get it to work for some reason.

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    Cheers for the great review elser1 and +Rep, and I have added a few in-game screens to the article also for those seeking them. I have also promoted it to our main page now and added it to our Reviews Archive as well.

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    elser1 Guest
    thanks boss. looks great mate.

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    jarvis Guest
    This is the only game I want to get right now, but I still have so many other games I bought that I still haven't even played yet. I wish I was young again and had the time! I still have Final Fantasy XIII-2, Battlefield 3, and White Knight Chronicles 1 & 2 in shrink wrap!

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    elser1 Guest
    BF3 in shrink wrap.. dude. LOL

    yeah this game rocks. best value for money i've ever seen in psn store.

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