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    bulletproof Guest

    R2-D2 Added in Soul Calibur IV

    A Japanese magazine scan has revealed that R2-D2 from Starwars will be a playable character in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV.

    It is unclear from the scan whether R2-D2 will be a system specific character like Darth Vader and Yoda.

    Here's a Translation of the Profile of R2-D2 according to the scan.

    Age: Unknown
    Race: Astromech Droid
    Place of Birth: Industrial Automation
    Height: 96cm
    Weight: Depends on add on gear
    Birth Date: Unknown
    Blood Type: None
    Weapon: Stun Arm, Saber Launcher
    Style: J Type Defense Program
    Family: Many Others of the same type

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    Nightfox Guest
    Man, they really took the whole Star-Wars thing seriously... maybe they should have added Yoda instead, don't ya think? Even tho, I heard it might be able to download him as an addon from the PSN... just a rumor tho.

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    H4rdWear Guest

    Smile Yoda Rocks

    Um Yoda IS in Soul Calibur 4 and darth vader is too but only for the 360 and yoda in the PS3. personally i prefer yoda but to each his own... Im still waiting for capcom to get off their buts and give us some old capcom greats like a snk vs streetfighter or marvel universe or SOMETHING!!!?

    i know were getting another streetfighter.... but IMHO they should have expanded that game to a VS capcom marvel snk or ? i dont mind 3d fighters but they could capitalize on the marvel buzz again with these titles!

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    Zeronimoe Guest
    Too much Starwars! I like Starwars, wookies luke and all, but i miss those "exclusive" Characters like Link in SC2 for NGC. I really would prefer playing kratos or the girl of Heavenly sword than r2d2.

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    ka713 Guest
    hmm, I can't really see r2d2 fitting into the whole soul calibur thing. I would much prefer kratos from God of War. Does anyone know if r2d2 is exclusive to either ps3 or 360?

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    omegmatic Guest
    Holy crap, that's right, Nariko would be incredible in SC IV.

    I'm a pretty big Starwars fanboy sometimes and got real exited when i saw that r2 would be in the game, but... damn, Nariko would just be... whew.

    Honestly, i'm almost amazed that she isn't an exclusive, that's kind of a bad call on Sony's part [how much worse could the licensing really be for that compared to adding more Star Wars characters].

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    KingDing3ling Guest
    Whehehe r2d2 in SC2. That's the same as the Star Wars characters in the game "Lego: Indiana Jones"

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    Blue0 Guest
    It's possible I guess. R2D2 just seems like it would have no real way of attacking with the "stun arm" and whatever the saber launcher is. I expect any downloadable character to cost $5 since Namco wants to make a lot of money. They might as well include 3PO just for kicks.

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