Four Door Lemon Producer Les Ellis is here with details today on Sony's new PlayStation Mobile game QuizQuizQuiz which is now available.

To quote: Hi everyone! We're pleased to bring the addictive trivia fun of QuizQuizQuiz to PlayStation Mobile this week!

Although perhaps not the tactical test of our PS Vita launch title Table Football, or the end-to-end arcade action of our recent title Table Ice Hockey, we always feel there is chance to test your grey matter on topics from sport and movies, to history and food!

Offering incredible value with over 35,000 questions across nine selectable question sets - covering English, German, French, Italian and Spanish - you are sure to get relevant questions every time, rather than obscure ones about TV shows and sports you've never heard of!

The game will challenge you across two single player modes, each with their own highscore tables:


The classic quiz game format - you have three life lines (50/50, pass, freeze the clock) to get the highest score you can!

Beat the Clock

Set your own time limit and difficulty level then see if you can beat your previous highscores!

Also on offer are three multiplayer game modes to provide a different paced challenge:


A head to head duel - take it in turns to select categories and then buzz for a chance to score points, beware incorrect answers will cost you a life.


Each player receives random questions from the same category. Answer incorrectly and lose a life!


All players in the game are given the same questions to answer; incorrect answers cost lives so choose wisely!

QuizQuizQuiz is available now for PlayStation Mobile for only 2.79/€3.49! Please let us know any questions you may have in the comments below!

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