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    Icewolf77 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vamper View Post
    anyone determine if a 7200 rpm hd is worth the extra few bucks? or has anyone tried a solidstate drive on the ps3?
    In other sites i read about 7200rpm HDDs producing too much heat in the PS3, can anyone confirm that or is it just a myth? They recommended using 5400rpm HDDs.

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    sandytf Guest

    Max partition size

    The PS3 requires the drive to be partitioned with Fat32, so the max disk size should be 2TB.

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    toanhung Guest
    will the 3.5 drive be quicker then the current drive?

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    ScubaSteve Guest
    Just to be an old fart, thought I should mention the warranty will only cover changing the hard drive to one that is less than 200GB. anything above that and it all goes tits up and you've got a dead PS3. Safest option is to get an external hard drive.

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