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Thread: A quick HDD question

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    deagon Guest
    They can put 500 gb hd in your ps3 that is max

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    Graphil Guest


    Well I heard by a friend he'd have 1TB - I gotta visit 'em then I can check up if there are 2x 500GB!


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    ironstealth Guest
    just watch the height on the new internal-has to be 9.5-NOT 12mm

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    TEXLORD7 Guest
    the 1TB HDD is really available in stores now?

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    ddrmanxbxfr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TEXLORD7 View Post
    the 1TB HDD is really available in stores now?
    Yes it is, most of the major brand offers it. Last day that i went to an electronic store i've seen an baracuda from seagate at 1 tb.

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    bjc Guest
    Pretty sure I heard it will read to a terrabite also. I just used my 320gb seagate ext hdd and just formatted 200gb in FAT32 and the rest in NTFS

    Edit: forgot to mention PS3 only reads FAT32 so I think you will have to format it as mine came in NTFS

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    satelliteps3 Guest
    save your files to a usb and then buy a 2.5 sata drive what ever size and replace the old one that. quick reformat when install and you have a new drive ready to go, and put in the copy files from the usb.

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    omegmatic Guest
    I really gotta jump on this, 200GB is just not enough anymore, 500 sounds more like it.

    Thanks for the note on using a 9.5mm drive, i've actually made that mistake before, wasted an enclosure because i wasn't thinking.

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    vamper Guest
    anyone determine if a 7200 rpm hd is worth the extra few bucks? or has anyone tried a solidstate drive on the ps3?

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    kev2008 Guest
    Any sata hard drive will work fine. just pop the side panel off, remove the blue screw then use the tab to slide the entire tray to the right then pull it out. getting the 4 screws holding the hard drive out was a pain but if u have the right size screwdriver it will come out good.

    i think there is a bit of thread lock on it. place the new sata hard drive of your choice in and put everything back and then turn the machine on. first thing it will want to do it fomat the new hard drive. then check your system setting to see how much hard drive is registered.

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