The PS3 had a stellar video game lineup in 2008, but with 2009 in full swing many PS3 gamers will probably be wondering what new game will blind-side them this year.

There are many big name sequels coming out this year that will obviously sell millions. However, I will take a look at the one game that I think will be the sleeper hit on the PS3.

There are many great games coming out on the PS3 that will probably sell millions such as: Killzone 2, God of War III, Uncharted 2, Infamous, Heavy Rain and Twisted Metal. However, the sleeper hit of 2009 for the PS3 is a game that just blind-sides you without even see it coming.

I have to say Quantum Theory by Tecmo is my pick for the PS3 exclusive sleeper hit of 2009. I talked about this game before comparing it to Gears of War. Gears of War currently stands alone in its own specific genre. Yes, I know there are other third person shooters with cover system such as Uncharted. However, Gears of War is known for its gritty gory violence and slow cumbersome beefy guys that can't jump.

The reason why Gears of War is so good is because it is like a summer action flick. It has all the right ingredients for the adolescent teenager: cursing, gore, senseless violence and over the top macho bravado. In a similar way, Tecmo aims to provide competition to Epic by crafting a game that falls into the Gears of War category.

In Quantum Theory, you control the massive gun-wielding dark hero named, Sid. The main character also has a female companion Filena (a la Resident Evil 5), that seems to be with Sid most of the time. Its a safe bet that there is a co-op mode considering the constant companionship.

Quantum Theory utilizes a unique cover system where the battle takes place in a 'living tower.' The environment is constantly changing to provide needed cover as well as taking away cover unexpectedly.

The game follows the formula I outlined previously, with plenty of gore, and action. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that the game features an attractive female heroine wearing next to nothing.

Another reason I am sure this game will sell well is because it is being developed by Keisuke Kikuchi, who became famous for the Fatal Frame horror series. The series on the PS2 is considered to be one of the scariest horror games out there. I have high expectations from Kikuchi, just by looking at his previous work.

I am sure this game will sell a few millions even if there is no deep story. Lets face it, there is a huge fanbase of gamers that will just about buy anything as long as it looks cool and is violent. Expect this game out on the PS3 exclusively late 2009.

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