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    Pubble - open source Puzzle Bobble clone on PS3 out!

    ralferoo posted HERE of his new PS3 Puzzle Bobble clone called Pubble.

    Pubble is a homebrew Puzzle Bobble style game for the PS3 supporting up to 5 players on a single PS3. If you don't have that many sixaxis controllers, you can plug in standard USB joysticks and use those too!

    This screenshot (below) should give you an idea of what the game is about...

    Express instructions:

    1. Download Pubble v0.2.9b for PS3. [Right-click, Save As]
    2. Unpack it to a USB memory stick.
    3. On the PS3, select [System Settings]/[Install Other OS].
    4. Ignore the warning about needing a partition - you don't.
    5. Select the otheros.bld on the memory stick and wait for it to flash.
    6. Select [System Settings]/[Default System].
    7. Choose [Other OS] and start the other system.
    8. Wait until the boot menu appears and then press PS on your controllers.
    9. Select [Pubble] from the boot menu.
    10. Play!

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    Use this thread for feedback: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...ps3-91193.html

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