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Thread: PSW Magazine Rumors: PS3 Price Cut & PS3 Slim at TGS 2009

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    PSW Magazine Rumors: PS3 Price Cut & PS3 Slim at TGS 2009

    It appears the latest issue of PlayStation World Magazine reveals that both a PS3 price cut and the rumored PS3 Slim will both be announced at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

    To quote: Expect the long-awaited price chop to be announced at the Tokyo Games Show.

    This year the Tokyo Games Show will be held from September 24 to September 27 in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Japan.

    Sony could make this announcement a lot sooner now that Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick has threatened to stop supporting the PS3 if a price cut is not announced soon.

    The PS3 Slim packaging looks almost identical to the confirmed PSP Go, so it isn't a fake. Expect the smaller, lighter PS3 to be announced at the Tokyo Games Show in September, just in time for Xmas.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    Sounds great if it's true!

    How about some awesome firmware updates before then?

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    jon5555 Guest
    I hope that slim PS3 design is fake coz its damn ugly!

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    Arnie Pie Guest
    New firmware seems to be at 3 month intervals nowadays.. (so, all being well, one should turn up in the next couple of weeks?). And that would mean the next firmware would turn up in September.. in time for TGS, and with support for any new PS3 model.

    I'm definately wanting a slim PS3.. the leaked pictures looked cool, and if it's quieter than my existing 60GB+BC PAL unit, then I'm all for it.

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    dagnillo Guest
    Eh, it looked kinda crappy but hopefully it was either fake or not the final design.

    I'm just tired of every few days a new "PS3 Price drop" rumor, regardless of who said it or what magazine or whatever. My favorite was a while back where there was an article posted here about "speculation on rumors" or something like that. It's getting pretty bad when we have to SPECULATE on RUMORS. What's next, "speculation on rumors of gossip about theories regarding people that might have heard of a PS3 price drop, maybe in june?"

    I just ignore it, until I hear something straight from Sony's mouth (press release or announcement at an electronics show).

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    Valauliver Guest
    This in my opinion is wrong. How does the magazine Playstation World know about a price cut and a PS3 slim when they do NOT have contact directly with Sony. The only magazines that do are the Official Playstation (US & UK) magazines.

    And Jack Tretton already said at E3 that he hasn't seen anything of a PS3 slim. (Don't believe me go watch

    So this is all fake.

    And why are people getting so worked up by a PS3 slim? It is no different to the normal PS3 except for being smaller... so what's the big deal?

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    Billopage Guest
    yeah I'm going to have to support your opinion. This is probably one of the many false rumors released to just get some attention.

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