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Thread: PSP Go Box Design Lends More Credibility to Slim PS3 Rumors

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    PSP Go Box Design Lends More Credibility to Slim PS3 Rumors

    Ever since shots of Sony's new PSP Go have surfaced, some similarities between it and the rumored PS3 Slim box have been the subject of debate.

    Both boxes share similar font, a horizontal band and similar placement of device specifications such as the memory capacity.

    To quote: Remember when those slim PS3 shots came out and skeptics bemoaned the missing "spiderman font" as proof of mischief?

    Well, if you believe that the PSP Go is a lock, and really, at this point there's no reason to doubt it, then a side-by-side shot of the PSP Go and slim PS3 box art should be quite revealing... and it is.

    Note the similar font, horizontal band, and general placement of device specs like memory capacity. Pretty similar, thus giving the slim PS3 rumor that much more weight.

    If this is the new slim PS3 then the only question now is whether it'll be unveiled at E3 next week or not.

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    wow.. crazy its amazing how close it is.. it probably is a ps3 slim in early stages..

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    itwong Guest
    cant wait for the release of PSP GO and the PS3 slim. Now that the next Metal Gear Solid Rising is bound to be multi-platform as revealed by the legendary producer kojima himself at M$ press conference, I am wondering what sony has in store for us tomorrow. A PS3 SLIM and a price cut??

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