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    Apr 2005

    PSN Cards Now Available at Blockbuster

    Per Jeff Rubenstein (Social Media Manager) via PS Blog:

    Sighted today in Belmont, CA!

    Oh, and because my wording mightíve been a bit confusing (we didnít *practice* this, we just walked in!), you will of course be able to purchase WipEout HD normally via the PLAYSTATION Store.

    Now, thereís another option as well.

    92d5d706 More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dogeatdog79 Guest
    This is great news as many people aren't willing to use there credit cards or paypal to buy things from the psn. I can see myself buying a couple of these the next time im at my local B.B.

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    joker69 Guest
    ive been to 3 different blockbusters and still havent found the psn cards yet =/ hope they are here before christmas.

    ive looked online for these too and the only place i could find them was ebay and the people sell them for about $10 more then the card really is.. thats more intrerest then a credit card would be charged for a $20 purchase.

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    JESSIAH24 Guest

    Unhappy PSN Cards

    I live in alaska and called 7 different blockbuster stores and still no luck up here

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    Warrorar Guest
    and another way for non european countries to buy from psn store... i hate it that Sony doesn't implement all ways to pay on the store.

    in germany not everyone have a credit card... and a blockbuster we also don't have here.

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    AJRogers Guest
    I don't understand how people on eBay can charge so much more for a PSN card. Are they really in that high of a demand? I've never bought a card for my 360, Wii, or PS3. In my opinion, credit cards/paypal is the easiest option.

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