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    Apr 2005

    PSN Card Heading to U.S. Retailers

    If the following scan is anything to go by, then the PSN card will be rolled out to major other retailers across US instead of just Meijer and Pamida stores.

    To quote: PS3 owners in the U.S have been clamoring for PSN cards since shortly after the system's launch. Now, finally, those precious cards are on the way.

    This is an article from the September 08 issue of The Official PlayStation Magazine.

    Time will tell, but here is to hoping for it's arrival!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    killa409 Guest
    i hope so... those will make great Christmas gifts

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    better late than never! these cards supposed to be released since the release of the bloody ps3! anyway i see some people selling them overpriced at ebay for a while now.

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    PS3hombrew103 Guest
    sony always seem to delay everything.. i bet littlebigplanet is gonna be delayed from its october release!

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