Here is the latest news and rumors from the new PSM3 magazine's 'The Insider' article, courtesy of SWORDF1SH via GameTrailers (linked above).

To quote: Alone in the Dark is being redesigned for PS3. Expect right stick camera control, a slicker menu system and enhanced visuals.

Apparently the reason for the 6 month delay of PlayTV, is that Sony tried to implement Freesat (an HD-capable alternative to Freeview), but its impossible - for now. PlayTV 2.0? Surely not...

Guitar Hero IV shots have leaked showing in-game Ozzy Osbourne renders. But the series could be in trouble after Warner Brothers were demanding more money for use of their music in the game, and in Rock Band too.

The new Medal Of Honor is rumored to take place in modern-day Afghanistan, possibly revolving around Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Intriguing details of BioShock's PS3-exclusive 'Plasmid challenges' have emerged. They're said to play like Valves ingenious Portal featuring twisted logic puzzles.

A BioShock movie's in the works, and designer Ken Lavine has said "it'll very much honour the dramatic themes of the game".

There's a new Sly Racoon game coming to the PSP. Vigil Games, the devs of Darksiders: Wrath Of War were set to work on it, but moved to that game instead.

There two new Batman games on the way. One based on the Dark Knight film (by mercs 2 devs Pandemic) while the other, from Eidos, is based on the Batman comic book series. More PlayStation 3 News...