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    barrybarryk Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Malax View Post
    Uh, I'm pretty sure this is false. If this was the case, then hybrid cars like a Prius would actually get LESS gas mileage than their gas-only counterparts. However, we all know this isn't true, and it's the exact same concept.
    Wow seriously?

    Quote Originally Posted by Malax View Post
    I'm pretty pissed though that they're talking about shipping in 2012. PS3 isn't anywhere near the same continent as it's potential. Developers are just now starting to get the hang of it and games are finally starting to catch up to the 360 versions, albeit still with frame drops in high action sequences.

    I don't want PS4 yet
    You're not getting a PS4 yet, They're not shipping in 2012, this isn't even from Sony, this is just something that an artist dreamed up. Did you even read the first post?

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    Malax Guest
    Actually, you know what, I retract that Prius comment. Forgot about the rolling/braking and such. I can take a correction.

    I did read the first post, I know it's not set in stone yet. I probably should have been more clear: I'm hoping this rumor doesn't have much truth to it because of the reasons I listed.

    I know this isn't an official Sony press release or anything close, but obviously there's an open forum for people to speculate on this rumor and I'm hoping the next gen console production doesn't begin at this point in the current gen's life cycle.

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    jalere Guest
    cool designs..

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    bratpi4 Guest
    This design looks formless.

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    Taufik Guest
    Good design for the PS4, but what it is all going to showing the game better than the PS3?, And when the PS4 the glide?

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