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  1. #21
    elser1 Guest
    i hope this is just a joke.. i wouldn't pay $2000 or whatever for this thing.. LOL

  2. #22
    openupyourmind Guest
    every 30 minutes it shuts off WTF! they can stick that option in their rear

  3. #23
    TheShroomster Guest
    Just out of curiosity where did these photos originate??

    Nevermind I found the original source linked in the first post...

  4. #24
    Sostanco Guest
    well, nice design, but features are better! thx

  5. #25
    croft72 Guest
    So far it appears to be a very interesting piece of hardware displayed. Even the controller (Which is only displayed on one pic & barely noticable due to the color scheme) looks interesting as well. Rather this is real or not, I suppose we'll have to wait and see what Sony officially announces for PS4 when the time comes.

  6. #26
    Prince Valiant Guest
    90 Watts certainly won't happen for a while.

  7. #27
    moja Guest
    ..sadly, news must be hard-pressed all around. Someone with a wild imagination knows how to ignite fervor.

  8. #28
    ModderFokker Guest
    Lol 90 watts...

  9. #29
    barrybarryk Guest
    It's funny just how few people actually read it and understand it's just an artists idea for a console and nothing to do with Sony.

  10. #30
    androvsky Guest
    The laws of thermodynamics are in tears, they won't come out of their room. I tried telling them maybe there's a reason other than pretending to save power that the system is doing that, but they won't listen. And honestly, I can't imagine what that other reason would be.

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