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    PS3 Square Button PS3s Already Finished and Being Shipped from the Factory?

    Several Chinese newspaper reports have suggested that finished PlayStation 3 units are already coming out of the factory, for internal Sony use. If true, this represents three amazing facts. First, there may actually be enough PS3s this holiday season to avoid the insane shortage that plagued the Xbox 360 launch. Second, it means that all the rumors about technical difficulties with the PS3 may be false. Finally, it means that some clever thief is going to make a fortune on eBay by selling a PS3 prior to its official release date. The Taiwanese PlayStation 3 manufacturer, Asustek, will neither confirm or deny the reports. They have, however, scolded the media for reporting on the leaks, claiming that they could possibly damage their client, Sony. It has threatened to sue any media outlets that damages their relationship. Yeah, good luck with that.

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    Well... the thing to remember is that their are supposed to be 2,000,000 units total for the JAP and USA launch of the PS3. I think that averages out to like 3 per major store so yea... alot of people will be disappointed. But thats far more units then XBOX 360 had for its launch (300,000 I think??). And Sony claims they will put out a million units per month every month after launch.

    Something tells me though, that they will produce alot more of the 499$ versions then the 599$ versions. Alot of people have complained about the 100$ difference, with good reason. The 100$ difference between the core and premium xbox 360 was a different deal. The stuff they added for the extra 100$ was worth more then 100$ so their was no reason not to get it... With the PS3 you lack 40GB HDD space, Wi-Fi, HDMI and the card readers ( I also think that while the 499$ verison of the PS3 supports bluetooth controllers that it will ship with a wired one). Personally I would care to get the 600$ one, due to the fact that I would use every feature in some manner. The HDMI is the only thing I wont use right off the bat, I probably wont have an HDTV until sometime next year but still... its worth it. The hard drive size is impossible to weigh until you know how much space on average a game will take to save.

    Even if the price was less to buy the 499$ one and dongle on all the attachments then to just get the 599$... who wants to daisy chain stuff to their PS3??? I would like it more to have it built right into the unit.

    Nice find though Out4it!!

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    If they are already producing units, I am glad to hear it. I was part of the XB360 fiasco and it wasn't fun.

    After all the bad news, especially about how the CELL cores having only about a 20% yield () and problems with BluRay protection, I'm hoping Sony can launch on time.

    The bad news: if every chain will only get 3 total PS3s for launch, prepare to watch eBAY prices top $2000+ for the holidays.

    Whatever the case, I am #1 on the PS3 pre-order list at my local Gamestop, so we'll see.

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    Being #1 on the list doesn't actually guarantee you a PS3 on launch day. That just means you'll get one. If everything happens like the 360, be prepared for a long night outside to make sure you get your preorder or else some other guy with a preorder will get there first.

    And to WOWChamp, my local Target got 14 360 consoles, not 3, with M$ launching 300,000 consoles. So 1million for the U.S. will probably get 20 each at most.

    More than 3 PS3's for sure. Retailers like Gamestop and EB are estimating at least 20 per store. My local Target got 14 360's on launch day with 300,000 consoles being released. So 1million PS3's will get everyone basically a PS3 if they plan their purchase correctly.

    Don't trust preorders at EB or Gamestop, because you might not get a PS3 and they most likely come in bundles. That's $600+

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    Hi all,

    WOWchamp: It is 60GB not 40GB, and cards reader + WiFi + HDMI v1.3 + larger HDD = less than 100$ ? count it again !

    NiNJA : Where did you know that "the CELL cores having only about a 20% yield" ? it is impossible :eek , if thats true the PS3 will be worthless

    BTW, any one knows it will be worldwide launch including the MidEast (Arabia) ? I hope they also launch the PS3 in Arabia same day as the European luanch like every product. I will buy a lot of PS3s if they been out of stock in us an eur to sell them there

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZID
    Hi all...
    If I understand correctly, what I think is meant by 20% yield, that only 20% of manufactured chips are usable... i.e. they're throwing away 80%(!) of chips because they're defective in some way.

    If that's true, it's certainly not good for manufacturing efficiency, and could explain in large part why prices for the PS3 are so high... other than the greed, of course

    Sounds very similar to the situation with LCD displays, and how costs were driven up as not every unit manufactured was saleable due to defects etc.

    Long story short... $ony is messin' UP! Still, they'll sell... as I know some of you fanboys just can't help but give your money away. So no hopes of people voting with their wallets.

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    This is what I've read, I cant say for sure. Sony has a much stronger market hold in Japan then the 360 does/did and will sell alot of units right off the bat over there. I cant say for sure, but I've read somewhere (forget the website) that an average of 3 units per store wasn't unreasonable. Only time will tell. Although if sony wants to make some money they better get each retailer more then 3 lol.

    @ ZID

    If you read that part of my post again, you'll see that I say you lack 40GB HDD space by takeing the cheaper one... meaning that its 40GB less then the 60GB that comes in the 599$ PS3. A card reader, a wi fi adapter and that HDMI port (dont think this is upgradeable) probably isnt worth 100$... espically if you dont want all of those features. But for me, If i even wanted one of them I would fork over 599$ so I wouldnt have to teather devices to the PS3.


    Sony isnt messing up.... wait until you see what a set top Blu-Ray player will cost. The fact that this thing will play all your old PSX and PS2 games adds in big time and this thing is a DVD player as well. Your getting alot for your dollar really. I bet set top Blu-Ray players will be at least as expensive as the 599$ PS3... but why pay more for less??

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    I am with WOWCHAMP on this one who in there right mind at that dollar amount is not going to look at future plans...?

    Why would one go out and buy the cheaper one when you get so much more for a bit more...? Even if you dont use all the bells and whistles, eventually your going to use them , Espically when the hd standard is required which is not too far off.

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    That depends if or not ICT is ever implemented (which it will be, because pirates will never go away).

    The only thing I said was that if you even wanted one of the features in the 60GB version then it was worth the 100$. I hate the idea of wiring up all those extra devices to my console, and at some point you may have use for more of them then you think.

    HDD space is pretty irelavent though, sure it will give you more room for saves and downloads... but if it ever gets to the point where we can run Blu-Ray .Iso's from the PS3 that hard drive wont get you far when 2 single or 1 double layer games will fill it. I think this time though, sony probably went further with the hinderance of upgrading the hard drive to a bigger one. Plus using 2.5" HDD's will make it more expensive. Upon a quick search, the biggest 2.5" HDD newegg has ATM is 160GB and costs about 210$... thats still only 6 single layer games or 3 dual layers. Forget about running .iso's at all on the 499$ version of the PS3.

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    i think its bs they cant even get there stand alone bluray players out how can the ps3 be shipping if they can get the drive to work right


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