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Thread: PS3Index: Online PS3 Game Param.sfo Community Database

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    damox Guest

    PS3Index: Online PS3 Game Param.sfo Community Database

    Background: I was tired of the fact that there was no decent resource for finding games based on their TITLE_ID and/or TITLE itself.

    Soultion: I developed an online tool. It will allow you to submit a PS3 games "param.sfo" file, have the results not only outputted for you, but added to the PS3Index database. This way everybody can have access.

    Problem: I only have a certain amount of backed up games for which I can index.

    Soultion: You guys! I need as many people as possible to submit as many games as possible.

    Where: PS3Index

    Usage Guide: PS3Index Guide (I recommend looking over the guide, it really will make large submissions easier.)

    Hopefully we can get a heap of people to submit games and get a decent database going. I recognise that there are websites such as Sony Index, but they are far from complete. You can also just view the database in its current format.

    If you have any problems/questions/complaints/compliments/ramblings leave them in this thread.



    [imglink=|PS3Index: Online PS3 Game Param.sfo Community Database][/imglink]
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    Apr 2005
    I have promoted this article to our main page now so others can join in if they wish, and cheers for the news damox!

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    damox Guest
    Thanks mate. Just woke up (Australia), and we are nearly at 500 games!

    This is going so much better than I expected. Only a few dud people submitting fake games, but i'm on top of it for now.

    BLES00000 - Hot Pursuit

    lol I might have to add some sort of reporting function.

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    NCSUfan Guest
    ha where can i get a rip of boobie campus lol?

    Are you interested in customs or no though... I've got 100s of games but I've modded most titles.

    several characters dont display correct in some loaders... for ex ninja gaiden sigma... the sigma symbol can get screwy looking so I edited it to say sigma.

    I renamed modern warfare 2 to COD: 6 Modern Warfare 2... so that it shows up on the Cs with the other call of duties instead of the M section

    ditto with rainbow six i put tom clancy in front of title so it displayed with all the other tom clancy games.

    you want stuff like that or would it be an annoyance? I think its much much better actually but for uniformity sakes you might want to stick with the legit titles

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    damox Guest
    I would prefer to stick with original param.sfo files. The page does pretty well at displaying most symbols (can be hard to search for though - BLES00736: NINJA GAIDEN Σ2)

    This is atually the biggest problem I am having now, is that so many people modify their param.sfo files (mostly just PS3_SYSTEM_VER but clearly titles as well).

    Once you upload a file and the file is a proper ps3 game I get a copy of it. If the game is in the database (and the md5 of the new file is different from the existing entry) I will also get a copy.

    This is my best bet against modified param.sfo files. I have an offline tool that parses all the uploaded files, and I can pick and choose which ones to add/remove/replace from the online database.

    tl;dr Just keep it to unmodified params.sfo files.

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    Shadowstitch Guest
    his guide doesn't work, can't select all in folder can only do 1 by one..

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    damox Guest
    Make sure you follow the entire guide. You cant upload two files from different directory locations at once.

    You also need a HTML5 capable browser (newest version of firefox/opera/safari etc should cover you.)

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    efaction Guest
    there you go mate, just added 298 untouched original param.sfo's from my game collection. enjoy
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowstitch View Post
    his guide doesn't work, can't select all in folder can only do 1 by one..
    there seems to be a limit on either the text in the upload box or a file limit. i select 60 Param.sfo files at once and upload them together fine? how many are you trying to do at once?

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    damox Guest
    WOW. There's a limit of 200 files at once.

    I had no idea anyone would have such a big collection. I might have to increase it.

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    Sipp Guest
    Great work, this gives me immense way thanks for sharing. Always ahead. Thanks.

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